Why Us?

Tailor made

Our sessions are personally tailored to each individual. Everyone’s unique. We all have different reasons for smoking and different triggers. We believe that by speaking to you on a one to one basis, we will get to the reason why you smoke. We will discover all the associations, all the reasons, all the connections you have with smoking and one by one we will break them and Yes, you will be Smoke free forever.

Our Services are Not for Everyone

We will have a discussion with each client before we mutually agree to work with each other.

This is a two way street. It gives the individual the opportunity to see if we are the right therapist for them and it also gives us the opportunity to see if our services will be of benefit to them. As our services are not for everyone – we don’t work with everyone. What we mean by that is that we have to be satisfied that an individual is ready and that we can be sure to make the most of this opportunity for them. If we do not think we can do this we will not see them.

Free Back-up Guarantee Session

Occasionally a client may slip through the net. This rarely happens but if it does, we want them back in our clinic. We provide a free back up session anytime within the first 6 months if one is having difficulty with cravings or if one 'falls off the wagon'.

Growing Network throughout Ireland

We believe in what we do and know it is successful. We are working to bring our services to a venue near you. Please contact us to enquire when we will be running a clinic in your area.

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